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Greetings World Team Skydivers!

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Day 7 222-way all jumps

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Never Say Never Again

Greetings World Team Skydivers,

World Team HQ and all World Team Leaders have been burning up cyberspace talking about our recent Fly It Forward event in Eloy.  As great as that event was, and as spectacular as the jumps were, we are unanimous in our wish to complete a little unfinished business in the sky.  Therefore, “Week Two” of Fly It Forward will take place in Eloy 28 March – 4 April 2014.  Plan A in 2014 will be the mirror image of our Plan A in 2013. Who says we can’t fly backwards?  We already have a few practice jumps under our belt.  Please check your calendar and stay tuned for more information.  Hope to see you in Eloy for Fly It Forward 2014!

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Oh, Sooo Close!!

442 grips out of 444 – on the first and only 200+ sequential move ever attempted!

What an incredible week of skydiving! Fly It Forward had all the elements of a record-breaking team performance.

By the close of jump week, World Team had made 22 jumps, including three record attempts. On the second record attempt, 82 of 84 team members dropped their original grips and took new grips on the core formation – to sequence from a 222-way to a 220-way. The final two grips were taken soon thereafter, but not before a short segment from another sector separated from the core formation. World Team was just 1-2 seconds away from establishing a new 2-point sequential world record.

Yes, Fly It Forward faced more than its fair share of obstacles during the event. Weather-related issues prevented World Team from making its planned jumps on five out of seven jump days. There were communication issues on jump run, some oxygen issues at high altitude, and some air traffic control issues beyond anyone’s control. But all teams attempting world records must be prepared to face unexpected challenges along the way. These bumps in the road are not excuses, but they did slow World Team down considerably as the team members worked diligently toward their ultimate goal.

By week’s end, World Team did build the world’s largest complete formation since setting the current world record 400-way, seven years ago. This 222-way was the third largest formation ever built in the USA, and the subsequent transition was the largest sequential move ever attempted in freefall – by nearly double.

World Team also successfully accomplished its primary goal: There were no serious injuries or accidents during Fly It Forward 2013.

World Team is exceptionally grateful to its team leaders, team members, team staff, and team supporters who made such a huge commitment and performed so incredibly well during Fly It forward, and to Skydive Arizona, its pilots, and its ground staff for providing such a superb venue and air force.

BJ, Bobbie, and Sara Worth